Monday, 23 April 2018

CCI New Pentecost 2018 focus on ecology

"Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor" by Leonardo Boff (Orbis Books, New York, 1997)
As it has done each year since 2005, CCI will celebrate its New Pentecost event again this year by focusing on the theme "Ecology" on Pentecost Sunday 20 May.

As decided at the CCI International Council in 2016, the aim is to create awareness of the need to protect creation.

As Pope Francis wrote in his encyclical Laudato Si' in 2015, 'a true ecological approach always becomes a social approach; it must integrate questions of justice in debates on the environment, so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor."

In this historic encyclical, Pope Francis applies Cardijn's time-tested see-judge-act methodology to the ecological sphere and the need to care for our "common home."

In a statement for this year's New Pentecost event, CCI has called on its members to 'organize liturgical celebrations, study days, seminars, rallies or meetings to discuss the threat to humanity and nature by degradation of the environment and the steps that could be taken to leave a safer earth to our future generations."

"You may also use this occasion to create awareness through social media and other modes of campaigns.

"You may also choose to issue media release on the need to protect creation and to appeal to the people to do their best to care for their common home," the statement says.

CCI's New Pentecost program was first launched in 2005 to promote the dream of Saint (Pope) John XXIII that Vatican II should open the way to a New Pentecost in the Church.

"O Holy Spirit, renew your wonders in this our day, as by a new Pentecost," was the prayer for the Council proposed by Saint John XXIII.

It was conceived as a follow up to the successful CCI conference on Vatican II in the era of Globalization held in Bangkok to mark the 40th anniversary of the opening of Vatican II in 1962. 

Ever since, members and friends of CCI across the world are observing the Pentecost Sunday to reflect and study a particular theme and to come up with action plans, activities and projects to build a different world.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Pope Francis greets CCI, ICYCW and IYCW

Through his communication of the 17th October 2017, Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin conveys the message of Pope Francis to ICYCW, IYCW and CCI.

In this message, Pope Francis appreciates the devoted sentiments that prompted us to write to him about the important work of those young people who continue to be inspired by the work of Joseph Cardinal Cardijn.

The Secretary of State conveys that the 'Holy Father wishes to renew his prayerful wishes to the young people the three organisations represent and that he invokes upon all of us God's blessings of joy and peace'.

Pope Francis's message is in response to a joint statement made by CCI, ICYCW and IYCW on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of IYCW Rome Pilgrimage 1957.

In the joint statement, while recalling the current situation of the young workers around the world, we had stated that Cardijn always insisted on the importance of the vocation and mission of each young worker in his or her daily life.

We had also mentioned that we believe that this message is particularly relevant and important in the light of next year’s Synod focusing on Young People, the Faith and Vocational.

Cardijn Community International thanks IYCW and ICYCW for their willingness in joining the efforts of CCI to issue the joint statement.

Let us continue to promote Cardijn's spirituality, vision and methodology.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Singapore's Tony Tay wins 2017 Magsaysay Award

With Philippes YCS members
Asia's Nobel Peace Prize equivalent, the Ramon Magsaysay Award has gone to Singaporean former YCW leader, Tony Tay, for his work in creating the Willing Hearts movement.

Tony grew the movement from 11 volunteers in 2003 to some 300 volunteers at present. It has one  one vision: to provide the underprivileged and marginalized with hot, packed meals every day – even during Christmas and New Year, the Rappler reports.

He described it as a secular, non-affiliated charity that operates a soup kitchen where volunteers prepare and cook thousands of daily meals to be distributed to over 40 locations in Singapore.

"Food keeps families together, and it gives strength, it gives energy, and without food, it will be a big problem. So food comes to unite people," Tony said.

"Our volunteers will be very, very happy, and they are recognized not only back home but also in Southeast Asia. We feel that they will be happier, and they will come more often [to volunteer]," Tay told Rappler in an interview.

The movement began following his mother's death when Tony started collecting bread and vegetables and bringing these to the Canossian convent, as inspired by his mother's own charity work with the Canossian Sisters.

"One day, my wife asked one of the needy, 'Why you don't take...the vegetable, you only take bread?' He said, 'I don't cook.' So my wife said, 'Can I bring you a meal?'" Tay said.

"And then my wife brought two meals. [Another] one saw it, so he asked, 'Can you give one meal to him?' And then people asked more, and then they keep on going."

In Manila for the award, Tony met with current YCS leaders.

"He approached them and was so happy that they belong to YCS. He introduced himself as a YCW member," wrote CCI member, Kins Aparace on the CCI Facebook page.

Friday, 25 August 2017

1957 Rome pilgrimage foreshadowed World Youth Day

Friday 25 August marks the 60th anniversary of the Rome Pilgrimage organised by the International Young Christian Workers (Jeunesse Ouvrière Chrétienne) movement.

The 1957 Rome Pilgrimage, attended by 32,000 young workers from every continent, also foreshadowed the future World Youth Days launched by Pope St John Paul II, according to a letter addressed to Pope Francis by the Cardijn Community International (CCI), the International Young Christian Workers (IYCW), and the International Coordination of Young Christian Workers (ICYCW).

The anniversary falls one month after the 50th anniversary of the death of Joseph Cardinal Cardijn, founder of the movement.

“For ten days we have lived with the Lord on Tabor and with the Holy Spirit in the Cenacle. We have seen the Y.C.W. transfigured—its apotheosis,” commented Joseph Cardijn, at the end of the Rome pilgrimage.

“I have never attended a more joyful and spiritual event,” Romeo Maione, the Canadian YCW leader, who was elected president of the movement at the first international council held after the pilgrimage, later recalled.

British Pathé recorded the pilgrimage on newsreel, which is now available on YouTube:

Friday, 21 July 2017

Cardijn 1967-2017: Cry of the Poor and Cry of the Earth

It is 50 years since Cardijn left us.

24th July 2017 marks the 50th death anniversary of a man who showed us a way of life and changed the way the world and the Church looked at young people.

The main focus of Cardijn's message was 'human dignity'.

Ceaseless commitment in the service of humanity thereby participating in the plan of God was the spirituality professed by Cardijn.

Pope Francis in his message to the WMCW on their 50th anniversary in Spain a few days back reiterated this message of 'dignity'.

Cardijn showed the way to the Church to 'See, Judge and Act'.

The recent encyclical of Pope Francis on protecting our common home 'Laudato Si' is also based on the time tested SEE JUDGE ACT methodology.

CCI: was founded 16 years ago as a network to offer a possibility for those who had been trained in the Cardijn way to continue their commitment towards 'change' and to promote Cardijn's spirituality, vision and methodology.

Today CCI is present in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe and North America and we have contacts in South America.

CCI remembers Cardijn on his 50th death anniversary and resolves to continue his legacy in partnership with all Cardijn movements.

50th anniversary activities

CCI members, friends and contacts are requested to join in the 50th anniversary events organised in their places and also extend invitation to all Cardijn movements to join their activities.

Corresponding to the 50th anniversary theme "Cardijn 1967-2017: Cry of the Poor and Cry of the Earth", as a specific tribute to Cardijn, CCI members and contacts are requested to plant trees wherever possible, beginning from their homes collectively and individually.

Considering the change in living standards and patterns, if planting space is a constraint, they are requested to plant a sapling in a pot/container at home.

The pictures with a brief note on the 50th anniversary events and planting of trees may be posted in Cardijn Community International group on Facebook.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Belgian Luc Cortebeeck elected chairperson of the ILO

Luc Cortebeeck / ILO / FlickrCC 2.0
The Governing Body of the International Labour Organization (ILO) has elected former Belgian KAJ (JOC-YCW leader, Luc Cortebeeck, as its Chairperson for 2017-18.

He has also been President of the ILO Workers’ Group and Vice-President of the ILO Governing Body since 2011,

He replaces Dr Ulrich Seidenberger, Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of Germany to the United Nations Office at Geneva, who served as Governing Body Chairperson since June 2016.

Luc Cortebeeck looks back at a long career within the trade union movement, both in Belgium and internationally. He is also Honorary President of the Confederation of Christian Trade Unions of Belgium (ACV-CSC).

The Governing Body is the Executive Body of the International Labour Office (the Office is the secretariat of the Organization). It meets three times a year, in March, June and November, and takes decisions on ILO policy, the agenda of the International Labour Conference, and the draft Programme and Budget of the Organization for submission to the Conference. 

Luc began his involvement with the Belgian KAJ during the early 1970s, reviving the movement in the town of Tisselt.

Later he worked for the Christian Trade Union (ACV-CSC), becoming national secretary in 1987 and president in 1999.

In September 2016, he addressed a gathering of alumni of the IYCW-JOCI at Aachen, Germany.


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Belgium remembers Cardijn

Current and former YCW leaders, trade union leaders, social activists and others packed Cardijn's parish church of Notre Dame at Laeken, Belgium on 1 May to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Cardijn's death in 1967.

Watch the live video of the service here - mostly in French and Dutch. Testimony in English from Ludovicus Mardiyono, former IYCW president, starting at 10.00.

Video of Cardijn's life (in Dutch) created by Sim D'Hertefelt of Kerknet.

More reports:

Homilie Mgr. Jean Kockerols Cardijnviering (Kerknet)