Pope Francis’ special blessing for the IYCW World Council

Pope Francis has asked former IYCW chaplain, Dom Reginaldo Andrietta, who is now the bishop of Jales in Brazil, to communicate a special blessing to the IYCW World Council which will begin in Aachen, Germany this weekend.

“I told (Pope Francis) about my responsibility as a diocesan bishop as the reference bishop for pastoral work for the CNBB (Catholic Bishops Conference of Brazil), which includes support for the Young Christian Worker (YCW/JOC) movement, as well as the World Council of the IYCW, which will take place in Germany from 26 September until the 8 October 2016,” Dom Reginaldo wrote in a Facebook post.

“The pope also communicated to me a special blessing for the IYCW Council where I will be present, and has also sent a letter via the Vatican Secretariat of State expressing its pleasure at this world meeting as well as its encouragement to all participants and their mission in the YCW.”

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